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Leaving aprtment and no resonse from owner


Hello, Have been renting an apartment for 15 year in Brussels – initial contract with owner was for nine year and have not signed anything since. I now plan to leave in July have been trying to contact the owner - living outside Belgium - but he does not respond to emails, txt messages or phone calls (which is typical). Also I do not know the owners address.

My concerns:

1. While I informed owner - in Apr – that will leave in July ’21 I’m concerned I may not have a legal record that notice period is initiated as I’ve only informed via email and txt and not via a registered letter – I cannot afford to pay extras months rent after July after I have left.

2. How many months notice – 1 or 3 – do I really need to provide after 15 years (in the initial contract 3 months is stated)?

3. Concern in getting my despostit back – there was no inventory done – anything I can do to protect myself to get my deposit back? No damages have been caused to the property.

Appreciate any help - Thankyou


1) no address. What else can you do?
2) 3 months
3) Suspend your rent payment by paying it into a separate account. If the owner wakes up, you can transfer the rent immediately and sort things out and if not, you'll be able to recover your deposit.

May 3, 2021 07:29

Try speaking to your bank.
They, presumably, transfer your rent to the owner's account wherever that is so ask if they can make any suggestions. Similarly your commune might have contact details.
Obviously you cannot contact the owner in writing if you don't know their address but can you search via google.

May 3, 2021 17:48