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Lease contract


Hi everyone - Can you explain the difference between the 3 year and the 9 year lease? Aren't they pretty much the same? And do most people actually stay that long? Are there special conditions for expats getting out of them i.e. job transfer? visa expiration?

From the archives

Any lease that isn't 9 years, is generally a fixed term contract. i.e. you sign for the whole period and cannot break it. You are liable for the full rental for the whole period. In most circumstances, you would be ill advised to take a 3 year contract, especially if you believe that you may not stay that long.

A "standard" 9 year lease has a number of provisions for breaking the contract at various stages, and with various penalties, throughout the 9 year period.

However, having said that, you are free to negotiate any rental contract you like with a landlord, and assuming that the contract respects civil and criminal law, the contract can say whatever you (and the landlord) like.

If you want a "clause diplomatique" (to break the contract if you move) as it used to be known, just write one in to say that in the event you are moved by your company, your contract can be ended without penalty (or whatever you agree with the landlord). The landlord is free to accept or refuse the clause.

Aug 22, 2011 12:19