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Learning assessment/ Dyslexia


Hello, can anyone tell me who in Belgium can test a child for dyslexia in Belgium? Does the child need to be able to read well or can dyslexia be established at an earlier stage? Who can also do tests for the child's intelligence, development, etc? Thank you very much.


CHS provide an educational testing service in English. Call for an appointment on02 647. 67.80

Jan 21, 2013 08:54

Hello you do not say the age of the child but the earlier the better. Only once you understand what bit is difficult decoding, reading, editting etc can you begin to support the gap.

CHS can organise testing it can show a gap in the ability and performance, it does cost a bit but worth it if you want help for your child.  Also there is a group who might offer you informataion

Mar 18, 2013 19:29