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Lawyer specialising in tenants' rights?


Hi, does anyone know where I could turn to find out about my rights as a renter/tenant? Due to move into a rented house in less than a month, and the previous renter has told us that several of the bedrooms will be unuseable for some time due to a flooding problem that has damaged the wooden floor, and that won't be able to be repaired for a few months until the wood has completely dried. Our landlady's insurance will cover the repair, but I imagine we can't even move our things into the affected rooms. Landlady hasn't contacted us yet to discuss, but before we contact her we'd like to understand our rights if the house is not actually properly habitable when we get the keys. Are the any kind of renters associations, or would we need to contact a specialised lawyer? Any recommendations? Thanks


Over the years there have been many references on this site to a renters association based near Hankar metro in Brussels. I'm sure if you search the site you will be able to find the details though it might not be much use if the house is nowhere near Brussels.
As a first step, go to a notaris/notaire rather than a lawyer - quite possibly a brief visit will be free and certainly cheaper than a lawyer.

Jul 22, 2016 10:15

Try the huurdersbond (Dutch name for it). For a small joining fee they will advise you of your rights and you get access to free legal help. If you are dealing with this in French I think there's a link to the French equivelent on the website. Good luck

Jul 25, 2016 18:34