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Lawyer for separation


I would be grateful if you could recommend a lawyer who specialises in legal separation of couples including access rights and maintenance payments for young children.
Ideally in the Uccle, Rhode-St-Genese, Waterloo area.
Many thanks.


Why a lawyer? Last resort choice.
Try looking for a mediator and / or notaire.

Nov 7, 2019 23:09

As Shortof notes, a lawyer should be your absolute last resort. Instead, you should go first to a notaire or to a mediation service.

Much of what a lawyer will tell you and charge you for (at least in the initial phase of the divorce) will be stuff that the notaire does / can explain for free anyway as part of the divorce process.

If you read French, the notaire's website is excellent place to start.

For a mediator, you can go here:
Search under
Arrondissement :"brabant Wallon"
Domaine d'intervention : Mediation Familialle
And you can even choose English as a language if you want.
These are professional dispute mediators, some are also lawyers or notaires. Just to be clear, they'll be seeing you to clear up legal disputes in your divorce, this isn't marriage counselling. (If you want that there are services that can do that.)

Nov 8, 2019 08:46

You could contact Julie Rentmeesters who works with Community Help Service (CHS). She is an accredited family mediator. CHS is located at Ave des Phalènes 26, 1000 Brussels (off Ave. Franklin Roosevelt, near ULB).

See more info in link below.

Nov 12, 2019 10:34