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Late renewal of residence card


I am a student from Georgia and its 3rd year I am studying in Belgium. This year I was late to renew me residence card, because “guarantor” agreement was lost by the post and new one arrived late from my country. I had a deadline till 31st of October and I asked for renewal on 7th of November. I made a mistake and didn’t go to commune to tell them why I am missing my paper and now they refused my application, told me to pay 200 EUR and send my documents to the ministry. I want to ask if anyone has had the same situation and I want to know what outcome to expect. Also I have a student job, 99% I know I won’t be able to continue before I get any answer for new card, but for that last hope I want to ask if anyone knows any way how I will be able not to quit working now.
Thanks in adnvance