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Language skills for citizenship


Hi all.

I'm looking at hedging my bets and applying for Belgian citizenship.

I have an E card and going with UK Govt. advice to apply for a D card, having 8yrs residence, pay Belgian tax ( not sure why - but it's peanuts) and would qualify for a Belgian pension (€70 a year)

Citizenship requirements want a fluency of one of the 3 languages. Now that's a non starter - I can't remember the right English words!!

I've just discovered on "If you are handicapped or over 65 years old, you don’t have to provide evidence of knowledge of at least one language, and you also don’t have to participate economically. Having lived legally in Belgium for 5 years is sufficient."

And there might be my getout! I'm over 65yrs.

Can anyone (who would qualify as an absolute star!) find the official document that verifies this statement?

Fingers crossed.


I was over 65 when I applied for - and was granted - Belgian nationality.
I did not have to show any evidence of an ability to speak Dutch though the person with whom I dealt at the commune was could see that I was able to ask and answer the right questions in Dutch.
From memory all I had to do was complete an application form and, some time later, go back to collect my new ID.
Like you, when I applied, I'd already been here around 8 years.

Oct 7, 2019 21:57

Go and visit your Commune House where you are registered. They will have someone who can advise you on which process you need to use and which papers you need. It can be a bit of a challenge but start there.

Oct 7, 2019 22:59

Thank you all.

Looks like the Article I need is Art 12 /1.4 of the Belgian Nationality Code.

I have to say the local commune have been great with my dealings with them - very good service. However, life experience has taught me to go armed with the answer before I ask the ask the question. So often I have been given an interpretation rather than the fact.

Thanks again.

Oct 7, 2019 23:36