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My family and I will be arriving in Welkenraedt on diplomatic passports. We are wondering if French language instruction is available to my wife and our three year old. I've emailed a couple of schools, but no response. I'm sure this is due to covid but we are wondering what would be the best way to get them started in learning French.


French is widely spoken in welkenraedt

Jun 20, 2020 14:44

The 3 year-old - start him in a local Maternelle in September.

Your wife:
Free lessons with the commune. The information is a bit out of date, but there's a phone number.

Jun 20, 2020 15:57

Call the school. Get your daughter into maternelle and she’ll be fairly fluent in 6 months.
One tip when she starts, make sure she has some basics like ‘I am thirsty and I need the toilet’
As a general rule don’t try and teach her French unless it is your mother tongue. She’ll only pick up all your errors and bad pronunciation. Find a local teenager to do some one on one play and language.

Jun 21, 2020 08:14

Hi there! Don’t know if you’ve found a solution yet but most schools (also the public ones) offer a language program for children that helps them to adjust as quickly as possible. As for your wife it depends on how fast she wants to learn the language. If it’s just to get by then she can enrol in CVO for group classes. However, if she needs to learn fast and learn how to communicate specifically in case of arranging things for the children or the family, then you may want to look into private classes, like at Hello Languages (where I work).

Jul 8, 2021 22:54