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Landscape gardener


Looking for recommendations for a landscape gardener for our garden which needs everything, starting with a fence/hedge! Zaventem area. Thanks!


Hi! I'm doing some gardening job!I live also around zaventem area!if you are interested you can call me on my number 0474335680!thank you!

May 15, 2018 20:06

Thomas Nijs does my neighbours place and is a proper gardener with experience. From Huldenburgh but may come that way . Can’t tell you what they cost though.

May 18, 2018 12:16
W. Mick

I met landscaping experts at friend’s place and I felt impressed with the innovative ideas used by them for reconstructing sidewalks and artificial fountain in the small garden outside his house. Now, when I have started constructing a new home, so I am planning to try them out for decorating my lawn and garden magnificently.

May 24, 2018 16:53