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Landlord asking money of 9000Euros as damage cost


I have relocated to Belgium 3 months to Charleroi, company had given me temporary accommodation for 30 days with my family.

Although I had noticed some issues on the Temporary apartment, I don’t want to explore any issues to this new country and I have language barrier in French. Further My wife had infectious to the water admitted to the hospital at the beginning, there is no filter avaialble in this Temporaty accomodation. Also I had pressure to search the new permanent accommodation to keep my family within 30 days.


During the check out from temporary accommodation, Owner put an allegation that I had damaged everything to pay from my pocket. I did not agree and owner threatened me to sign the blank inspection check list and Acknowledge of debt sum of 4000 Euro.(He will call police if I do not sign the papers. Since iam new to the country I afraid).

after two weeks Owner send me the bill of 9500 Euros as if I damaged all the things in that apartment for 30 days. I had enough proof in favour of me with the picture and video evidence (taken from Owner) submitted to the Owner in 24 hours of receipt of damage report.

After two months passed now Owner asking me to pay 4000 Euro (showing the paper of my signature on the Acknowledge of Damage cost sum of 4000 Euros).

But I had already have a proof

  1. With clear comparison proof with photo and video snapshot evidence that I have not committed these damages (which was taken by Owner during the check out)


  1. Owner had threatened me to sign some papers (Signed Blank Inspection check list + Signed Acknowledgement of Damage cost)
  2. proof that i have doctor prescription that she had infected.

    Iam willing to go to the court to prove iam not responsible for the damage costs. Can anybody Guide me how could I proceed? Is there any chance of winning the case in favor of me?


Do nothing. Let him take you to court at his expense and when you're there, show the judge your evidence.
You do not need a lawyer.

Oct 13, 2023 22:46

How can the landlord say you damaged so many things in the apartement without an. ETat de lieux?

Oct 16, 2023 00:17

You do need a lawyer. You can go to the bar of Charleroi. They have a list of lawyers that can help you for free often depending on your situation. They also speak French and English often. And that is listed on the site (anglais)

Oct 19, 2023 09:55

Where is your employer in all of this? They placed you in this temporary accommodation, right? Have you asked for their assistance?

Nov 10, 2023 16:16