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Laïla Amezian

06/05/2021 from 20:00until 06/05/2021 - 20:00
6 May
Muziekpublique@Théatre Molière
Galerie de la porte de Namur 3 Square du Bastion
1050  Ixelles

In the Name Of is a musical and poetic reflection on what we are capable of doing in the name of ideologies, principles, traditions and other beliefs… in the name of everything that prevents us from thinking for ourselves. Taking its inspiration from the contemporary poetry of Taha Adnan, a poet who uses his native Arabic to recount what it means to be Belgian, his so-called ‘belgitude’, the music composed by Laïla Amezian and Fabian Fiorini conveys life at the crossroads of an exiled existence. A musical fusion between Arabic styles and Western harmonies that come together to forge a brand-new identity, shaped by our own convictions, our own choices.

The text, the language…, a story of exile…

The central theme of Taha’s work is the diaspora, exile, identity, his/our belgitude… The focus on exile is particularly strong, as he touches on the different states of exile in a world where the sun rarely shines. The dark, melancholy tone is broken up by intermittent flashes of incisiveness and sarcasm.
He advocates a Belgian literature in Arabic or an Arabic literature of Belgium… insisting on the fact that the Arabic language is perfectly capable of capturing the Belgian soul and of contributing to a multiple Belgian identity.
Arabic gives Taha more freedom to express his concerns, allowing greater depth, sincerity and nuance.
While drawing on current issues, he never strays far from a philosophical framework that invites us to take a good look at ourselves. These more intimate passages are those selected by Laïla to be set to music.

The voice, the music…, a story of strings…

Laïla’s voice echoes the poems, and her melodies embark on a musical dialogue whose narrative is woven by the strings, as they are plucked, rubbed or struck.
The atypical arrangements for piano and string ensemble explore Western harmonies and Arabic styles, which also served as the inspiration for the compositions.
The music is contemporary yet imbued with the traditions that are alive and well within us. Reflecting our lives, we are taken on a voyage of discovery at the crossroads of our existence, in a constant search for balance, at the whim of musical tensions.