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Labrador for sale


Hi Xpats!
I am looking to buy a Labrador puppy. Would you recommend me some websites for dog sales/donations? Are there any legislation issues that I should know about while purchasing a dog in Belgium?


If you go to a pet shop -- check where they get them from -- always best to see with teh mum - some of these use puppy farms. Why not get one from a shelter? Generally mogrels live longer and have less medical issues than pedigree (so cost less at teh beginning and through their live) Dog should be chipped and have a passport and vaccinated. Consider having the dog sterilised! - We adopted a 9 month old dog that we then discovered was pregnant!!!!!. (Homes now found for 5 of the pups and we are keeping 2)

An optional vaccination is teh rabies one -- good idea to have it up to date if you ever want to visit the UK.

Jul 12, 2012 12:15