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Labrador retriever


Any recommendations for a labrador breeder not too far from Brussels?


You really don't need a shiny new pure breed. There are thousands of unwanted dogs in Belgium looking for homes.

There is a labrador here :

Nov 23, 2019 11:51

Dogs and cats from animal shelters come with hidden attachments - behaviour, toilet, behaviour, social and health problems etc.
If buying an animal from a breeder or shelter first contact your local veterinarian who will give you sound advice and information; pet breeders advertise in their local veterinarian practise. You must make sure that all the animals legal and medical papers are correct; your veterinarian can check this out BEFORE you make a decision to buy a pet dog or pay a deposit. The breeder must show all the legal documents, EU pet passport, microchip, inoculations, sterilization and medical records etc. You can also contact DogID: Tel. No. 02 333 92 22 or email: Open daily from 8am to 8pm. Do not feed your pedigree dog junk food or treats because it destroys their digestive system (recommend Royal Canin or Hill's Science) and a pet water fountain. After 12 weeks a puppy can leave its mother; after the first round of inoculations and EU chip make regular visits to see your chosen pet to start the bonding relationship.

Nov 24, 2019 13:41

There are terrible puppy farms in Belgium. Avoid totally. Always ensure you see the mother with the pups and preferably the male too.
Our Golden Retriever came from Whispering Reeds in Retie. Top breeder who also does Tollers, but it typically takes over a year to wait.

Definitely check out the rescue homes but choose carefully a dog who will fit your lifestyle.

Nov 26, 2019 05:02