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Kindle and Danish


Hi, I have a Danish friend living in Copenhagen and she likes reading books both English and Danish (preferably). I have heard lots of good things about the kindle but as far as I can see there are hardly any books in Danish available for the Kindle. Is that correct ? It's her birthday coming up soon and I think it would be a good present but only if she can have Danish books on it. Incidentally, she uses the library system in Copenhagen for her reading and for convenience and value for money, it would be difficult to beat.


There are a lot of good books that are published in english before they are published in Danish, if ever, so just for that reason it would make good sense to get a Kindle- but, why not buy her a gift card instead and then let her decide herself - and with the Kindle Fire being announced it might also be an idea to wait until that gets released here, as it is likely that this will replace the standard Kindle as the platform of choice

Oct 8, 2011 08:50