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Kindergarten School in Tervuren


Just browsing around to find out if someone here has their kids at the school De Kattenspong. They have a nice website and still space to inscribe our twins to start this november, which makes me wonder why, since there are few flemish schools in brussels that still have places available for inscriptions. It seems like a nice small school. Any reviews about it? TIA.



Brussels has full Flemish community funded schools because of the number of francophones who live in Brussels who wish their children to be bilingual, you cannot really compare with the Brussels schools, only the ones in Tervuren. Tervuren has 3 kleuterscholen in the central village area, I am guessing Mariaschool is going to be the most sought after, as it is Catholic and probably feeds naturally into Heilig Hart for secundair onderwijs. The other Tervuren villag kleuterschool is GBS Tervuren, more towards the Diepenal Sports centre. Are the 2 other Tervuren kleuterscholen full or not?

Oct 8, 2011 19:33