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Kids Farwest creche in Etterbeek


My child is currently going to a public creche in Etterbeek and she gets sick over and over again. I'm thinking to change to a private one (Kids Farwest) but I wonder if it would be better there (eg better hygiene, washing hands, less kids)? Do children play outside a lot there? In our current creche they are practically all the time indoor.

From the archives

How old is your child? If she is less than 3 years old, I would say you must expect these small illnesses. If one child in the creche/group picks up something, it will pass it on to the other childern. It is my understanding the childern have to build their immune systems up and as crazy as it sounds, these small sicknesses help them to achieve this. I dont believe you would have a better experience inn another creche.

Sep 6, 2011 14:51