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We use - small, very nice, always has a treat for our dogs, do walks and training if asked... Large gardens during the day and the dogs always come back very happy. not a state of the art kennel, but well run and good prices. Just a note - I always pay for a bath before return as they spend a lot of time outside and can come back pretty narly if not bathed :)

Jan 20, 2012 08:17

Animal hotel Felis & Canis * cats * birds* rodents
Hello animal friends,
We have a small-scale quietly located hotel, that cares about animals. Whether you return home for a while, go on holiday, or need a temporary, safe place for your pet, we will personally take care of your pet with lots of love and attention. So they will feel that we are a second home for them. We are proudly open sinds 2005! And have a lot of experience at any level.
The cats all have an individual private inside stay, with a possibility an individual private country residence with a view on our garden for outdoor cats. We have two extra playgrounds, for them to play on individually or together.
With radio and sight to an aquarium.
Rodents and birds also stay with us in a room in the house. They are in their cage from home, or you can rent a cage from the hotel. The animals who are tam, they will have the time to go out of there cage separately to play.
We have our diplomas for medical care and behavioral therapy. So we can give your sweethearts the best care they deserve and give them a home away from home!
Feel free to contact us for any questions or make an appointment to introduction. 0032(0)15 76 23 40
We look forward to welcome you.
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May 2, 2015 15:03