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keep BE bank account open?


Is it a problem to keep a Belgian bank account open if I've moved to another EU country and want to update my mailing address to outside BE with the bank? It's BNP Paribas and I have Belgian citizenship. I left Belgium and de-registered with commune and everything, but was kind of rushed and never informed my bank. I'd quite like to keep the account open in case I move back to BE. Any bank mailings just go to my old address, which is fine for at least a few more months as my friends still live in my old house. It's just an ordinary current account, no debts to bank or any standing orders still attached to it. Just wondering if I inform them I'm no longer in BE if they'll tell me I have to close the account?


It is a legal requirement that the bank confirms your address and identity on a regular basis. Practically speaking, the bank has a copy of your old Belgian ID / Residence card on file. When that expires, they will contact you for an update. If you don't reply, they'll freeze the account.

Notwithstanding the above, it probably makes sense anyway just to let them know now. But they will need to have proof of your new address and a copy of some ID (like a passport) to prove who you are.

There is no reason for them to close the account. Just tell them you moved "temporarily" to another country and could be returning in a year or two so it would be helpful to maintain the account.

Aug 10, 2020 13:18

Ask the bank but don't tell them that you have already left.
"My employer may want me to work elsewhere in the EU. If they do, it will not be permanent and I would like to keep the account open for when I return."
Does your bank make a regular charge to run the account and/or for supplying a credit card? If so, will you be paying for something that you don't use?

Aug 10, 2020 16:09