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Joining a Union


Hello All ,

I am a permanent Resident living in belgium from 10 years . I have a question regarding Unions

I am hearing for few years that An employee who is a member of a Union has more benefits

Can i join any Union independent of my Employer ? Or is it only for Nationals ?

I have heard that if there are issues with employment , Union will help and fight on your behalf . so my query is can i join any Union like CAPAC ( of course by paying fee ) ?


You need to find out who your local union reps are at your current employer. If you don't have any or don't feel comfortable doing that, contact one of the union organisations and ask them how to go about it.
Normally, there's a red, green or blue union for every sector.
Red (Socialist):
Green (Cristian):
Blue (Liberal):

May 7, 2020 00:24

And yes, any employee can join a union.

May 7, 2020 00:24
Mark L-W

Bring a member of a Union is unlikely to give you more benefits but may well ensure you receive that you are entitled to.

May 8, 2020 22:24

Anyone can join, doesn't matter where you are from.

Aug 13, 2020 10:40