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Join me mountain biking in the Sonian Forest! =)


Hello there!

I moved to Brussels a few months ago and live close to Bois de la Cambre. I recently started mountain biking in the park and the Sonian Forest and am looking for others who would like to join me.

The fact that it gets dark earlier during the winter months and temperatures can be rather chilly, can make us want to curl up and stay indoors, yet we can break out of hibernation mode and darkness no longer need be an excuse or limitation… it can actually lend itself to a whole lot of fun. Read on to find out how…

After a charged day in the office, how about getting outside into the fresh air and getting a great workout whilst having fun biking, exploring the Sonian forest trails?

Wait a minute though - after sunset it is pretty dark, you might say… Well, that is where the fun comes in!

Darkness is no limitation! So long as you have a decent lamp that works, you can ride. I ride with an awesome bike lamp made by Supernova, which brilliantly lights up the trails and makes "night riding" a blast!

I am keen on starting a "Brussels Night Rides" group on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-7:30pm onwards.

What will you need to join in the fun?

- a mountain bike or hybrid bike that will enjoy the forest trails as much as you will (and is in good condition, with good working breaks)
- a bike lamp (decent and in good working condition to light up the trail in front of you)
- ideally, a helmet for safety
- warm gear (I recommend gloves and several layers)
- a water bottle to stay hydrated along the way
- a fun spirit and sense of adventure! =)

Are you in? If so let me know. I have two spare lamps that I could loan out for the ride.

You can reach me at

I look forward to riding with you and exploring the Sonian Forest trails together.

Let the “Brussels Night Rides” begin!


P.S. – This is more about getting out in nature, having fun exploring and getting some exercise than some huge athletic feat. I estimate rides will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours.