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I have been working in Belgium over the last 1 year as a logistics manager at a multinational company but I have started hating my job and my miserable boss. I would like to start searching for a new job but unfortunately, I dont speak French or Dutch. Actually I am in the process of learning Dutch but there is still a long way. Could you please suggest some recruitment agencies that could assist me to find an English speaking job?


Don't bother contacting agencies directly. Look through the regular job sites and you will find agencies advertising live jobs. Right now is not a normal situation, and the agencies with jobs are really busy, and the agencies without jobs are looking to fill their time by talking to you (which is a waste of your time, as they have no jobs to fill)

Apr 5, 2020 06:50

No harm in contacting companies directly by email and over the phone also try your Dutch which will help you improve your Dutch language spoken skills. During this lockdown era type in Google search engine: logistic companies in Belgium or international logistic companies in Belgium and send emails to them.
Worse thing that happens is them say no or your 'profile does not fit'. Try DHL and other major/international companies - TNT, Fedex, etc.
Good luck! / Succes! Bon chance. / Buena suerte

For some free Dutch classes sign up to Duolingo.
Free online Dutch to English or English to Dutch dictionary:

Apr 5, 2020 21:13