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Job hunting in Brussels


Does anybody have any tips on job hunting in Brussels, particularly for native English speakers (with some French)? Any recommendations of good websites, employment agencies or newspaper listings would be most welcome.

From the archives

You have a desire to work here but I would say don't waste your young life in this place. Prices for everything are high on top of your overtaxed salary, the Belgians are renowned for being unfriendly and closed, it's labelled boring Brussels for more than the alliteration, most parts of the city are ugly, the good thing is transport but it should be in a city 5 miles wide. All administration government and private is made a nightmare, if you ask a question in a shop you should expect a slap, I know many expats who realize Brussels isnt the place they thought or worthy of capital status.

Randstad or euractiv have English ads.

Aug 22, 2011 12:49