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Jet Airways to Toronto


Has anyone flown the Indian Airline Jet Airways from Brussels to Toronto? They have a direct flight. It seems they have a modern fleet. And on Skytrax they have 3 stars. They seem to have good legroom in economy compared to other airlines. I am looking for the cheapest but still reasonably comfortable way to fly to Toronto this summer. Finnair is cheaper, but they use Boeing 575, small seating it seems, and I read that on their leisure flights you don't get much service (unless you pay extra).


I have flown Jet Air to Newark, not Toronto, but I imagine it's the same plane/service and it was excellent. Good customer care, legroom, seats, great personal entertainment center and the best (economy) plane food I've ever had. I highly recommend them! (And no, I'm not an employee :)

Jan 15, 2013 22:17