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Jaguar self-combusts on Belgian motorway

12:43 06/08/2013

A brand new Jaguar F-Type caught fire and melted in Belgium on Sunday, in what looked like a case of self-combustion. The owner was driving on the motorway and noticed something was wrong with the vehicle. When he pulled over, near Herentals, Antwerp province, to call the Jaguar emergency line, the F-type suddenly caught fire and within moments was almost completely engulfed in flames. The Jaguar F-Type is built from aluminium, which melts at much lower temperatures than steel (660°C compared to 1300°C). After the fire brigade got the fire under control there was little left of the vehicle. They had to use foam as opposed to water to prevent chemical reactions from causing small explosions. The driver survived the incident without any injury. Jaguar announced that it would investigate the cause of the fire.

Source: GT Spirit / Complex Rides / Gazet van Antwerpen

Written by The Bulletin