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Ixelles presents circulation plan to reduce traffic around Place Flagey

06:06 30/06/2022

The Ixelles municipality has presented its circulation plan for the district around Place Flagey and Ixelles Ponds, Bruzz reports. There will be more space for vulnerable road users and driving around the Place Flagey by car will no longer be possible. The city of Brussels still has to give its approval for the circulation plan.

The plans were revealed during a residents' meeting on Monday. With the scenario that's on the table, the Ixelles alderman for mobility Yves Rouyet mainly wants to improve traffic safety around the ponds and Place Flagey. "That's our top priority,” he said. “Children must be able to cycle and walk safely here. That's why we are going to tackle the dangerous intersections on the square." He pointed out the dangerous intersection of Rue Lesbroussart, Chaussée de Vleurgat and Chaussée d'Ixelles as an example.

The circulation plan is also meant to decrease transit traffic while increasing bus and tram circulation. "That means, on the one hand, less noise and less pollution and on the other hand, more public space. I am also thinking, for example, of the joggers at the ponds, who now encounter a lot of cars on their route. That has to change. The neighbourhood will be more pleasant."

Specifically, the section on Chaussée d'Ixelles between the tram stop at Valera's and the Rue de la Brasserie will be transformed into a pedestrian zone. "That will help to restore the link between the ponds and Place Flagey."

Other traffic filters, where cars cannot enter, will be installed along the second pond on Avenue du Général de Gaulle. On Place de la Croix-Rouge and a little further on Memorial Square, between the two ponds, one-way traffic is set up in the direction of Avenue des Eperons d'Or. "This frees up space to organise all kinds of social activities," said Rouyet.

Also, towards Place Flagey there will be one-way traffic between Rue Lesbroussart and Rue Gachard, which will take traffic away from the square. The intention is that the stealth traffic around Place Flagey will be banned, and the square can be revived as a fully-fledged pedestrian zone.

Written by Nick Amies