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Dear all,
Just got an appointment to see a fertility specialist at Edit Cavell, Dr Marc Naett. Anyone had any experience of this doctor or hospital for fertility treatment? The other specialist there is Dr Francoise Puissant. I chose Dr Naett simply as it was the most convenient time for my appointment. Or can anyone recommend another specialist or hospital in Brussels. I understand that Belgium has an excellent reputation in fertility treatment but as My clocking is ticking ever more quickly and failing to get pregnant naturally, this is the next step and I want to give ourselves the best chance!!

Anxious but hopeful.


I have too much experience in this department :-). Best of luck. Typically, the University of Leuven and UVB in Jette are considered the best fertility hospitals (with VUB Jette winning). Personally, I would start with the best and use Dr. Peter Platteau +32 496122327. He is internationally known for his success. He has a private practice in Dilbeek. His costs is the same as the VUB, but I found him easier to reach and set an appointment. He is VERY direct, so be prepared.

Sep 22, 2015 13:21


We've taken the (long) IVF journey. Our family is now complete. Our gynaecologist was terrific. Very supportive and she guided us towards the experts at VUB Jette. It can feel a bit like a factory but the follow up was excellent. Nan's advice above is very useful. You could also consider contacting the BCT IVF support group.

Stay positive.
Best of luck,

Sep 25, 2015 22:59

Hi Fee Fee second that the BCT I believe have a support group which is aimed at those with this type of issues. Maybe worth checking them out because they have a lot of knowledge. They may well be able to answer your questions or suggest what has helped their members.

Sep 26, 2015 16:13