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Italian, living in Belgium, working in the Netherlands


Hello there,
I'm Italian and I'm living in Belgium with my girlfriend but I didn't register yet my address in the city hall because I was waiting to find a job. Now I found one in the Netherland, so I need to request a BSN number. I also would like to register my address in Belgium as I will be staying here and want to access a mutuelle and everything that comes with it.

Is it even possible? My current registered address is in Italy. Will the city hall grant me the social security belgian number with a job in netherlands?

Thank you very much!



I think it should not be an issue to register in Belgium once you prove that you will not become a burden to Belgian welfare system, i.e. - if you present a valid work contract or any other source of sufficient income it should be ok.
Though you need to figure out where and how will you pay taxes: in BE or in the NL do avoid paying double taxes.
good luck,

Feb 19, 2020 11:22
Denniss Feb 19, 2020 11:23

Thank you I went to ask to the town hall here in Belgium and they told me there should be no problem at all, they asked me for my birth certificate and certificate that says if I'm married or not etc... Do you know if they accept them in Italian or I need a translation?

For the taxes my employer (dutch) told me they have an agency that helps their worker to paid taxes correctly for when they live in Belgium, but I will be able to talk to them just after I start receiving my paychecks.

If I pay taxes in Belgium I guess I should have all the rights like if I lose my job right to the chomage, isn't that right? And also I'm thinking I will need to join a mutuelle by myself, am I right?

Feb 20, 2020 17:50