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Is it legal to sell food on the streets of Brussels? (from a cart)


Yes a bizarre question, my friend over here was wondering if it's possible to sell hotdogs in Brussels from a cart?

If it counts towards anything, the food is pre-prepared and heated - not actually "cooked" on the street so to speak.


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The English part is incomplete but then if you want to do business here...

Seriously, lots of hoops to go through.  For a start, how is your friend going to register their business so they can pay tax?  Then there is is the food hygiene certificate to be gained.  Then you have to be cleared by the commune to be there. 

There may be more than this to do too.  Registering the business is just a start.

Mar 17, 2013 18:43

So there's at least one gourmet food truck in brussels: but there are all those gaufre and ice-cream trucks. Do they have an association?

Mar 17, 2013 20:51

I've seen the odd snails truck.

Mar 17, 2013 21:43