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Invoice of a birth


Hi there,

I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and my doctor works for Edith Cavell, so I sent my registration. The acceptance letter came a few days ago but I'm not sure how the payment process works. I have DKV insurance, and they will cover the expenses for the birth and room (not pediatrician, kiné) but only AFTER we receive the invoice from Cavel (since they don't have a direct agreement with them).
Does that mean that I will have to pay for the birth, room, doctor and kiné visits and everything else BEFORE receiving the money from DKV?
When do you need to pay the invoice, just after you are released from the hospital?
Or is Cavell sending the invoice to home and wait after to receive the payment?
This is all new for me and I don't even know the costs!
In Cavell they don't know how to answer me and I don't think my doctor will know...
Thanks for your help!

From the archives

Yes, if hospital doesn't pay bill directly to the insurance, you pay it and then get reimbursed.

Aug 23, 2011 13:04