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Investing for US Expats


What are US ex-pats doing for investing when residing in Belgium?

Are you just sending money to the US to invest in existing accounts there or have you found a way to invest money in Belgium other than real-estate? It's not exactly a buyer's market in Belgium at the moment. Is FATCA too insurmountable for a financial endeavor as a US expat?



There are plenty of SEC regulated firms in the US that deal with US expats.

There are also some SEC regulated firms in Europe (mainly London) that you could consider speaking with. Charles Schwab for example has a specific service for US Citizens living abroad.

FACTA does not have to be an impediment to "normal" investing, you just have to do it via US registered entities. Also, some of the banks here have specific departments that deal with expats so you may want to approach one of them.

For example :

Mar 2, 2020 11:20