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Interrupted period but not dismissed from the national register


Hello everyone,

I have a question about premanent residency in Belgium. I have been living in belgium for more than five years. I came to Belgium as a research scientist with a visa issued from the embassy of Belgium in Italy. However there was an interruption in my residency for about 10 months however I was having an address while waiting for my professional card ( work permit (self-employed) to be issued by the economic and work department. It took longer than I expected and then I went out of EU for the mentioned period and came back with a visa after I got my professional card issued.

I email the commune and one told me you can apply for D card since you were not dismissed from the national register and another one told me you can't apply.

My questions:
1. If approach again the commune, can I request to apply for either the D card or the B card ?
2. Does the interruption mean in interruption between the A cards issuance?



Make an appointment at the commune with the one who said it was ok.

I had a two week break between being an employee and becoming independent because I was on holiday. That stopped me doing the 5 year citizenship route and I had to do the 10 year residency one.

Crazy though it may seem, an individual at the commune can make all the difference.

Sep 5, 2021 16:02

I think you need to apply for citizenship.

Jul 13, 2023 05:14