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Internet providers Montgomery area


Hi, everyone!

I am in search for a reliable Internet provider with high speed internet that works in Montgomery area. So far no luck with Telenet as they do not work in the area neither with Skarlet that proved to be a total mess and unreliable.

would apprecitate any advice and hint.


Proximus is your safest bet.

Sep 27, 2019 01:05

Sadly there is almost no competition for internet services in Belgium. Scarlet was taken over by Belgacom (now renamed Proximus). Telenet basically controls all of Flanders and is busy buying up the one or two other (regionally-restricted) providers in Brussels, reducing competition even further. And Telenet has managed to find a way to be even more expensive than Proximus. Sadly lower-priced competition as found in all neighbouring countries is not allowed in Belgium. After all, Proximus, which owns the cables/lines is owned for over 50% by the Belgian government.

Sep 29, 2019 14:39

On the Proximus website, you can check the speed at your address:

If the Maximum speed is around 50-70Mbps and minimum around 30-40Mbps, its a good speed and you can go for the Internet Maxi(€49.99 with unlimited volume) or Internet start (limited volume at €27.50) offered by Proximus.


Sep 30, 2019 16:26