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Internet Provider


I need to setup internet in my apartment. Which provider would provide the best service and connection? Or all the same?


I think it depends on your internal connections or external boxes. Maybe ask your neighbours who they use. Be aware that customer service can be extremely poor. We attempted to switch back to proximus for Internet TV and phone last year complete nightmare due to guy in shop lying to us about keeping our old phone number. Order lost in system despite being given a connection date no one came, when o rang they seemed surprised I wasn't happy I'd wItex in all day! It was terrible no one could sort it out. Staff on help desk often agency and didn't know anything. told me out and out lies. It went on for literally weeks. I couldn't cancel with out Incurring. Huge penalty because the set up came we. TV we had stupidly removed from its box. in the end I had to change our landline number even though I didn't want to. and was promised it wasn't an issue.
Telenet we had no issues when we switched, speed was reasonable. So I'd sY my e patience Telenet were better at switching us

Dec 14, 2015 22:06