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International Women's Day calls on everyone to strike

13:51 08/03/2017

Thousands of women and men worldwide demonstrated against social, legal, political, moral and verbal injustices against women. Under the slogan, 'International Women's Strike', demonstrators gathered on Wednesday at numerous events across Belgium, especially in Brussels, Genk and Ghent, writes De Standaard.

Women and men in more than 45 countries are physically or virtually 'on strike' to protest against the fact that “even in 2017, women still have to contend with exclusion, violence and discrimination," say the organisers.

"Stop working, caretaking and doing household chores for the day. If that is not possible, dress in all black. Better yet, come out on the streets and hold up a picket. Boycott companies that send sexist messages."

In Belgium, organisations such as De Vrouwenraad, Femma, Furia, Charlie Magazine, Zij-kant and Heart Above Hard have organised pickets today in Brussels, Genk and the University of Ghent, among other locations. "The list of events and participants is so long, we can hardly follow," says Bieke Purnelle, one of the organisers. "There are also actions set up by the VRT, Weekend Knack and 11:11:11, and in Ghent there is a march against sexism. Flyers are being handed out at several major train stations, people are knitting pink hats at Brussels' Marché aux Herbes and there is a flash mob planned on Europaplein.”

Women in Belgium continue to earn on average 20% less than men, writes Brusselnieuws, which means that a woman must work two months and 14 days longer than a man to receive the same income.

Written by Robyn Boyle