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International vegan march to be held in Brussels this weekend

14:18 19/08/2019

An annual, global vegan march will be held in Brussels for the first time on August 25.

The Official Animal Rights March was founded by the UK animal rights organisation Surge and was organised in London for the first time in 2016.

The Brussels leg of the march will begin with organisers giving speeches at Central Station at 14.00. At 14:30, protesters will begin their march across the city. This is the first time the international march will be held in Belgium.

Like during previous editions, protesters will demand “an end to all animal oppression” and “spread the message of animal liberation”, a description for the event states on Facebook.

Similar marches will simultaneously take place in dozens of other cities, including Berlin and Amsterdam. In total, 42 marches are expected to be organised around the world on the weekend of the 25th.

The march is expected to end at 18:00 and is being organised by members of the DierAnimal political party, a national, bilingual political party that competed in local elections for the first time in May.

The Brussels rally is being supported by several local, vegan-friendly businesses, including the Liu Lin Taiwan-inspired street food eatery in the Marolles, as well as the Vegger fast-food restaurant in Saint-Gilles.

Photo courtesy The Official Animal Rights March

Written by Linda A. Thompson


haha....these people are so fucking retarded

Aug 21, 2019 22:15
Frances Bekhechi

Really retarded to fight for an end to animal abuse.... Fortunately there are still some compassionate people on this earth.

Aug 22, 2019 14:30