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Does anyone know if Belgium Post has an economy option?

I've lived in a few countries and they have all had two parcel post options: international air mail (more expesive but faster) OR surface mail (cheaper, slower) - really useful for sending christmas presents and extas stuff bought while traveling. 

Looking on the Belgian post website, it seems there is only one choice - expensive. 


The webiste did say this, but I'm not sure what it means: Les tarifs Economy sont uniquement disponibles pour les clients en possession d'une machine à affranchir.

Any advice for me on the best value ways to post stuff back home?




Yes, it's expensive. It's considerably cheaper to send parcels from the Netherlands. If you're sending lots of things at the same time it might be worth it to travel to a post office just across the border - Maastricht or Roosendaal, say. Just an idea, it might not be practical for you.

Nov 4, 2011 17:23