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Intermediary shipping from US


I've found some very good products I'd like to order from a US company (they're really based in USA). Unfortunately they don't ship internationally. Any decent "shop & ship" company that I could use to obtain a US address and they would forward-ship the packet to me?
I've googled and seen, Just wanted to know if any of you have tried such services already and your views on any particular one?


Although your "shipping" costs could be lower, you do realize that you'll be importing into the EU, and therefore anything you receive will be liable for customs duties (and delays) on arrival in Belgium?

May 15, 2020 09:58

Hi Anon,
I think there is a minimum amount for applying VAT (from 22 EUR) and I think that customs duties are applicable as from a declared amount of 150 EUR.
Now, seen that I am looking to shop for personal care products (for personal use and not for resale), the total amount shouldn't be exceeding the 150 EUR threshold. I'm ok with paying the VAT.

May 15, 2020 16:31

Parcels arrive in bags from outside the EU and the Belgian customs decide whether or not to check a particular bag. If they pick on the bag that your parcel is in, they are then acting as 'import agent' for whoever has shipped the individual parcels and will make a charge for providing the service.
Obviously bags from some countries of origin are more likely to be checked that others and the US is probably among the 'less likely' group but, if they check your bag, you will face a charge for the 'import agent' service even if they make no other charge. And there is no way of avoiding the charge nor of knowing in advance whether it will be made.
I would recommend checking whether the products you are looking for are available within the EU - not necessarily under the same brand name - before placing an order.

May 15, 2020 22:08

You import, you pay. Under €2 on a €20 book, and another €12 for the privilege of being charged the €2. That was over a decade ago. I haven't made the mistake of buying anything from outside the EU since.

May 16, 2020 00:05