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Insurance money


My basement got flooded because the pipe inside broke while they were doing repears on the street. I didn't realize it for 4 days and when I did I talked to the workmens and just said they knew but won't do anything about it ,since it's not their job. Went mental! Most of my stuff is ruined and the other half it's drying in the living room. Went to the agency,had landlord over and a guy to take pics and still nothing happened. Went to the agency again to complain and apperently someone will come next wednesday to fix the pipes. I still have to wait for a guy to come and evaluate all my stuff and I'm wondering how long does it usualy take(since this is Belgium and things are moving super slow)? Also do I have to clean up the basement? I will have to take everything to the junk yard and of course you have to pay for that? Do I get reinbused for that as well?


You should call your insurance company.  Assuming that you're insured, they should deal with everything.

Oct 28, 2011 01:58