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Installing a new toilet in the bathroom


Dear all,
We are in the process of buying an apartment in Brussels: offer accepted!
A plumber we consulted assured us that there is no problem to install a toilet in the bathroom as the necessary pipe is very close by! Here is the question: do we need to get some approval from the commune or somewhere else to do this modification. How to go about it, would it be expensive to legalise and worth it? It is a two bathroom standard apartment with a single separate WC.

Thanks a lot!


It is a two bedroom standard apartment!

Nov 2, 2018 22:46

I can’t see that you would need commune approval for such work. The important thing is that the plumber is competent and attaches the waste pipe to the sewage outlet and not the rainwater!! Pretty basic stuff.

Nov 2, 2018 23:11

You may need to get approval from the Syndic that runs the building. Check the regulations for the building or ask the notaire who handles the sale for you.

You do not need planning permission.

Nov 3, 2018 07:33

Thank you both wezembeekwanderer and J for the prompt and insightful replies!

Nov 3, 2018 09:44