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Indian Visa for British citizen


I am a British expat in Brussels and would like to get a visa to visit India. At the Indian visa application centre in Brussels today, I was told that they couldn't give visas for British passport holders.
Is this right?
If so, what ways are there round this? Can I visit another visa centre? Or can I obtain one via post from the UK?


Have this week picked up my Indian visa from the Passport Office on Avenue Louise. I have a UK passport, so I can assure everyone that it IS possible. However, it took four weeks, and cost me Euros 160!!! When I asked why three times the price than a Belgian has to pay, I was told it is because now Indian nationals have to travel to Paris to get their visa for UK, so tit for tat. Disappointing. However, the people in the visa section are very friendly and helpful.

Apr 13, 2012 16:41