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Incident in school - advise needed



My daughter goes to maternelle section of one of Brussels communal schools. The school was Ok until the last week.
The teacher left our daughter alone in the class and left.
Our daughter has been waiting for some time and then went out of the school alone (the doors were not properly closed). She crossed the street many times,she was crying,etc. Fortunately she was picked up by the police and they brought her home. Needless to say how much stress we had and how angry we were (an we still are in fact). We do not know yet if we want to change the school but anyway we would like to put some pressure on them to improve security and we want that teacher to be fired. What are the official ways to act,what can/should we do? We had initial meeting with director andd waiting for his feedbackat the moment. Thanks!


If the director is slow to act, then I would inform the other parents about what happened. They won't feel to good about it either and together you can all pressure the director.

In our little village, the director answers to the mayor of the village. Some parents went straight to the mayor because of a school incident (and lack of appropriate response).

Oct 28, 2012 16:20