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Incident in parking fine and ban


Hi last winter whilst driving home pulled into a commune parking to call home when reversing out thought it was possible my tow ball came into contact with a parked car, got out to look but dark and late see no damage so after checking the other car appeared to be OK I left.
A few weeks later police came by have cctv for someone specifying my car and looking and I admit I was there and explain I saw no damage and so didn't leave my details. Explain had I thought I had done damage would have left my details. I was Asked to fill in accident report. I again say possible I did damage but I didn’t see any. Very dark and even using torch on phone couldn’t see any.
This results in me being taken to court because I “left the scene of an accident” The insurance paid a lawyer who wouldn’t speak to me I just got his admin when I called. I didn’t go because told was not necessary and my Flemish isn’t fluent.
Now been handed a months driving ban fine of 1500€ and cost plus 160€ because I damaged other car even though my insurance have paid this I believe.
Laywer is saying this is minimum fine and it’s proportionate and don’t bother to appeal. So first off are carparks covered here the same as roads? In the Uk they often aren’t.
Second anyone else think this is normal in Belgium or is it because I’m foreign? I hold EU license in Belgium but didn’t learn or pass test here.


1) You reversed into another car and left the scene of an accident despite you knowing "it was possible my tow ball came into contact"
2) You then admitted verbally to a policeman, as well as writing down in a report that it's "possible I did damage but I didn’t see any".
3) You then didn't bother to go to court
4) You are now trying to claim it's because you are foreign.

This has nothing to do with being foreign, it has everything to do with you being an idiot.

Apr 25, 2019 13:42

Anon, what a nasty response
This could have happened to anyone. It can be hard to detrrmine damage in darkness. Also he/she did the decent thing to both check and admit that it could have been him/her. As for going to court, it was stated it was not necessary. And for this you use names ? You should be ashamed of your behavior

Btw, nothing to do with being foreign. Pay the fine and move on and if it happens again go to court to explain.

Apr 25, 2019 14:54

OK @ B,

I'll re-phrase my answer :

Q - " ......... is it because I’m foreign"
A - No it isn't.

Apr 25, 2019 16:53

Unfortunate but pay up and put it down to experience. It will cost you far more to appeal and you’ll probably lose again.

Apr 26, 2019 00:42

My car was damaged by someone reversing into it with a towbar (based on the towbar sized hole in the front grill). Maybe they checked for damage, but I don't know because there was no CCTV and just like you they didn't leave details either. I was left with the bill and the inconvenience of repairs. So, very little sympathy for you.

You admit it was dark and late - so presumably not easy to be sure you didn't damage the other car. You admit that it was possible you caused some damage. Yet you left anyway. Admit it - you thought you'd get away with it and the CCTV caught you out.

BTW - I don't know why you use the UK as an example. Private car parks in the UK have the same rules - a) Don't leave the scene b) If you have to, leave details. c) claims are on car insurance, d) If you leave and get caught, as you were, then you may face criminal charges.

May 6, 2019 15:42