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Inburgering test


Has anyone ever just taken the inburgering test instead of doing the course? The sample questions I've seen look a bit random. I would be grateful if anyone has any study materials or info about the test. Thanks!


Yes, I did. Almost one or two months ago.I did not have any study material. You just have to read more about Belgium.Check random facts like schooling in Belgium, hospitals, insurance things etc. I remember one of the questions was at what age a child can go to school? the answer is 2 and a half. The good news is during the exam you can use google to check more information to help you in answering the question. Most of my questions were in English some were in Dutch. You can always translate the questions in your language using Google.
Some questions are about electricity bill or water bill. You just have to read the bills carefully and answer them. It is not difficult at all. Hope this would be helpful. Good luck.

Jun 3, 2017 22:55