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inburgering program


Has anyone done the inburgering program? I immigrated to Belgium a few months ago and the flemish community has recently sent me a letter stating that I am required to take 'inburgering" classes. At least they offer the program in various languages. I am wondering how long it is, what is taught, was it useful, did you meet people? I thought it was optional, but they said in the letter that I am required to go. Upon completion, they say they will help me find a job according to my qualifications and education. It would be great if that were true.


If you live together with a Belgian partner I don't see why you would waste your time taking the full course. During the first meeting they will do everything to convince you to just follow the complete course. If you ask about the test they give no clear information, tell you it is very hard to pass and push you towards following the course. Also they never talking about the possibility of taking an intensive course or the 'weekend independent learning'.
I regret I let them convince me to enroll, because I had to wait 3 months for an available course, and then it took another 3 months to finish just 10 lessons (they dont teach during school holidays) so for over 6 months I couldn't accept a decent job.
All of my foreign friends just took the test. It's very easy as you can use the internet and everyone I know passed the test at once. So if you dont want to loose many months waiting and then 'learning' about totally irrelevant stuff (and being treated as a bunch of third world refugees who should thank Belgium every day) just insist on taking the test and you're done!

Jul 7, 2012 04:04