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Importing a new car from the UK to Belgium


I'm surprised at how pricey cars have become since my last stint in Belgium ended 5 years ago. I've just moved here again and I'm thinking about maybe buying a new left hand drive car in the UK and bringing it over - has anybody else tried this and if so what are the pro's and con's? No doubt there's some sort of nasty 'registration' tax or everybody would be buying their cars elsewhere in mainland Europe and not buying them here! Appreciate your help if anyone else has already looked into this...

By the way - hello everyone, I'm back!



A lot of people don't by cars in Belgium since 7 brand new cars on 10 are Company cars here.

Employers do prefer to pay their employees with a company car (on which social security fees are far less expensive) than with money.

Indeed the registration tax for importing a car in Belgium is sky high.


Your employer has not given a company car to you??


Oct 21, 2011 14:11