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can anyone recommend a good belgian immigration lawyer for a UK citizen?


ANY Belgian immigration lawyer is going to cost you a small fortune. The rules for residency, and subsequently change of nationality, are quite clear. Either you qualify or you don't, although the time taken for a decision can sometimes be a little frustrating.

If you think that the wrong decision has been made at any stage, you can appeal that decision yourself for only the cost of a little time.

May 8, 2018 13:58

No, because a GOOD immigration lawyer would tell you that you don't need one.

What's the problem?

May 8, 2018 14:21

Can really only confirm the comments above - As a UK citizen who has been through the nationality process here I can't work out a situation where an immigration lawyer would be of use - this of course assumes it is nationality you are talking about. Or is it related to a non-EU spouse, kids etc?. Additional context would help people to provide a recommendation.

May 8, 2018 15:23

I would highly recommended (but expensive) Fragomen in Brussels.

May 15, 2018 22:04