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Immigration advisor for EUSS family permit



So, we planned to return to the UK this summer after living in Belgium for 20 years. We applied for the EUSS family permits for my French wife and our kids. We are mixed UK/French household. The permits were refused after 5 months of waiting, as they needed more evidence of certain things - who new that a birth certificate, passports, and household composition certificate is not enough proof for the UK that my son is actually my son !?

We now have to re-apply all over again (there is no way to provide additional documentation), and wait another 5 months.

Does anyone know a good immigration advisor that can help us to navigate through this nightmare ?

Ps. Some advice for anyone considering to apply for the EUSS family permit - the information on the UK gov website does not correspond to reality. I strongly advise to employ a professional from the beginning, and be prepared to wait.


This is the best place for information and advice on EU-related-UK issues. Including access to UK based immigration lawyers who help people in your situation.

Sep 14, 2021 15:56