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“Illegal” temporary accomodation


I would like to know the low applied to renting out rooms during Covid time.
The situation: in my neighbourhood there are 2 peope officially registered at the commune.( forced by the police) However there is always a third and / or fourth living there, usually for some weeks. I wouldnt care but there were already problems with the 2, for lockdown parties. On top of it, they do not respect any Covid rules, traffic of people is big, gathering of 5-7 people is regular. Plus they smoke and cough in the cloture between the two terraces.
Noise making by the two was several times reported to the police.
I am sure they make extra money with renting out the extra room, feeling is like living next to a workers hostel and pub. ( The neighborhood is not at all like that) My question: where can I report this kind of activity to the check for the legal and sanitary background of the place? I already sent an email to the commune, no reaction. Thank you


1) Keep a detailed diary of activity at the property, of how many people you're seeing, and the type of noise they make.
2) Keep reporting disturbances to the police. And keep a note in your diary of every time you have reported it.
3) Get other people in your building / your neighbors to do the same thing.

Apr 6, 2021 13:37

4) If any of the people in your building know a local councillor (or, even better, the bourgmestre), even casually, complain to them as well as making complaints through official channels.

Apr 6, 2021 15:49

Thank you both! In fact we are family houses. I keep records but I do not know how to make any use of them :( . Also sent a package to the police but the inspector of the street did not do much. They simply do not open the door when he comes.

Apr 7, 2021 20:08