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ID Cards for kids/previous relationship


Hi all,
Well the ex has finally registered at the town hall with the kids (after some messing around - will not go into the details).
Anyhow I have seen the pdf generated document and I have asker her when will the kids get their new ID cards to which I am being met with a "when i want to reply".
What ways can such requirements be enforced? _ laywer,courts or the police to go around (again)?
Thanks !


What nationality are the children registered as?

Dec 3, 2018 20:53

Why do the children need new ID cards? Have the old ones expired? If it is merely a matter of a change of registered residential address that doesn't require new ID cards although if they are over 12 the chip has to be updated which the commune should have done when your ex registered at her new address. The required police control visit prior to actual registration would have established the household composition and the (new) would have demanded the children's ID cards for updating when they updated hers. In case she is thinking of it, she cannot change their family name.
If the cards haven't been updated (or replaced if they have expired) and the children are registered as living with your ex, she will in the course of time receive an administrative fine and if she continues to ignore the matter and/or doesn't pay the fine the police will take an interest in the matter - it is the responsibility of the local Agent de Quartier officer.

Dec 3, 2018 21:37

Assuming you were married, these are your children, and you got divorced in Belgium, the "acte de divorce" will have specific and detailed instructions regarding the care and residency of your children. Any questions, should be directed to the notaire that drew up the document.

Dec 3, 2018 23:30