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Id card renewal for EU nationals (5+ years residency)


Hi all,

I am an EU national - live, work and being taxed in Belgium since 2011.

Earlier this year I received a new identity card from the city hall, as the existing one was close to expiration. Then one day while I was flying abroad a checker told me that I should be careful with what kind of identification I use while travelling, as not all companies accept residency cards.
Question 1: this id is not enough to identify me or she had made a mistake?

I then searched a bit the technicalities and I noticed that my new card was of type E.

Question 2: Why didn’t the city hall issue a E+ card or propose me to apply for permanent residence? Shouldn’t that be automatic?

I would like to thank you in advance for any help!


1) This is a residency card, not an ID card. It is not a travel document. You need a passport.

2) Ask the city hall why you didn't get an E+ card. Mine was automatic.

Sep 18, 2017 14:27

Question 2: E+ card Shouldn’t that be automatic?
It depends on the commune you live in: some do it authomatically, acutally following what is written in the law, especailly if you are empoyed and pay taxes, while others prefer not to bother and just prolong your existing document. Then you need to go and ask your E card to be changed into E+.

Sep 18, 2017 15:56

The E/E+ card would be valid as identification for internal flights within Belgium - but there aren't any. For all other flights you need a passport. Remember, you may have little or no problem leaving Belgium showing the E/E+ card, but you would have a big problem if an airline refused to let you board in, say, Majorca or Corsica.

Sep 18, 2017 17:48

E plus and f plus is no longer automatic.

Sep 18, 2017 21:54

I really thank you for all your comments.

1. I was able to fly to all Schengen countries with just my native Id card in the past, i considered the Belgian card as being equal (in terms of official identification).
2. I will certainly ask my commune about the E+ card (i guess their decision was the easiest to follow).

Sep 18, 2017 22:25

"I was able to fly to all Schengen countries with just my native Id card in the past" - That's correct, and you will be able to continue to do so in the future, it is considered as a "valid national identity card"

"i considered the Belgian card as being equal" - No, it's a permit de sejour or residence permit. It's not equivalent to a "valid national identity card".

Sep 19, 2017 10:22